Alphabetical Order

Released 2017

is a collection of tunes that have very little to do with each other, except that they were all ready to record at about the same time.

Once they were done I wasn't quite sure what to do with them, so I just put them in Alphabetical Order.

Composition dates range from 1974 (Katie's Song) to 2012 (When Is It Gonna Be Christmas?)

Fly With Me
For a Sweetheart
(Katie's Song)
Grampa's Lullaby
I Knew My Love Was You
My Love Waits Here
Na Song
Promise To You
Scott's Waltz
When Is It Gonna Be Christmas?

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Vocals: Billy Mixer except Promise to You by Steve Kloser
Alto Sax and Flute: Scott Martin
Bass: Jon Shaw
Piano: Vince Frates except Promise to You and Fly With Me by Michael Eckroth
Rhythm Guitar on Promise to You: Ray Beran
Guitar solos: Tim Wooster on Promise to You; Chris Woitach on When Is It Gonna Be Christmas?
Music and Lyrics by Steve Kloser except My Love Waits Here music by Ladd McIntosh and Promise to You music and lyrics by Tom Kloser