Pura Vida

Released 2017

Originally this entire project was called "Requiem", to be written in honor of my dear Auntie. I wanted to finish it while she was alive so I could tell her in this way what she had always meant to me, instead of waitng until after she was gone and unable to hear!

After I started working on it I realized that the life part was more important than the death part, yet they needed each other. So, I started at the very beginning and went to good-bye. I was able to share it with her before she passed.

Pura Vida translates as 'the pure life', but more practically translates as 'the good life', or 'life is good!'.

Some of it is in Latin - it is after all, a requiem!
And some is in Spanish.

Click Here for lyrics with translations.

Principium Click to listen
Escape Click to listen
La Vida Click to listen
Requiem Click to listen

Vocals: Jocelyn Thomas, Zach Lenox; Dru Rutledge on Escape
Alto Sax and Flute: Scott Martin
Bass: Jon Shaw
Piano: Vince Frates
Music and Lyrics by Steve Kloser